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Wynona would do anything her husband Frank told her to do, regardless of the activity and with any man he tells her to do it with.  She does not submit because of her love and devotion for him, but because she is incapable of enjoying sex any other way. Wynona is driven to be taken and used seemingly against her will by men she does not know, it is her obsession.   

An arrangement with a stranger is set to take place while Wynona lies helplessly bound and gagged, unable to resist whatever the man wants from her, while her husband measures his time at the local cinema.

An evil man takes an interest and contemplates the horrors he will inflict on Wynona, certain that after he finishes with her, she will never need another stranger’s attentions.

Caution: This story contains scenes involving extreme, sadistic violence and explicit sexual contact. Note recommended for the squeamish.

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A Look Inside the Story

As he parked their car in front of The Blue Balls Pub, he told his wife, “We’ll go in together, but you grab a seat at an empty table.  Just wait there and if you see me looking towards you while I’m talking to someone, put a smile on your face. Don’t just look down at the floor.”

Unable to control her natural reaction to Frank’s words, Wynona looked downwards meekly.

“Don’t look down, that’s an order!” he told her.

“Yes, Sir,” she replied, forcing herself to look into his eyes before again, turning her head to the car’s floorboard. Frank shook his head in amusement at her conflicting nature.  He knew she was having the time of her life with this and if he could only get her to act as if she was enjoying it, he knew they could have many fun times together.

As they walked together towards The Blue Balls Pub, Frank explained his plan further. I’m going to pick out some guy and send him over to you. Whatever he want, you just do as he says, got that?”

“Yes, Sir,” Wynona replied, “I’ll do as you say Sir.”

Frank was having his own fantasies explored. Many times in his life, he had made quick short-term friends at small neighborhood beer joints. He enjoyed it when he found himself compelled to call out to the bartender, “Hey, bring my friend and I another drink… put it on my tab.” Thirty minutes later, Frank directed his new best friend’s attention to Wynona who was sitting alone near the back of the pub.

“You see that woman back there?” asked Frank.

“Yeah, she’s hot,” said Jasper, who had enjoyed Frank’s initial approach to him.  Jasper liked feeling that he was a friendly guy and like Frank, he often made quick short-term buddies while throwing back a couple of beers. He felt men should be able to be themselves and drop their normally cautious behaviors with fellow patrons. That was the reason for having a place like The Blue Balls Pub in the first place, at least that’s what Jasper thought.

At first, the two men had simply nodded at each other as they sat at the pub’s massive wooden bar.  Jasper had smiled back when the stranger two stools away had smiled at him. Jasper had raised his beer mug to toast his fellow drinker and received the same in return.  It was Jasper who called to the bartender to provide Frank with another beer.

Jasper had endured a busy day and it was his custom to stop by the pub before going home to his wife and three kids. It was his way of unwinding and getting in a good mood. He worked as a construction worker and boasted that no one could apply a sturdier weld than he could. Regardless of his skills, his foreman never seemed to appreciate him and rather than punch the son of a bitch out, Jasper often eased out of his snarly mood by chilling out with a couple of taps of his favorite brew. When the stranger returned the favor and sent over a refill for Jasper, he rose off his stool, walked over and leaned up against the bar near Frank, and thanked him.

“Haven’t seen you in here before stranger, I’m Jasper.”

“Frank, glad to meet you. Yeah, I’ve been in here a couple of times but I’m not from around here.”

Jasper extended his hand in friendship and said, “Welcome then.”

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