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Everyone needs to score some strange ass occasionally. Online fuck sites make it a breeze to connect to like-minded people. Just make sure you are not an asshole; this handy guide will tell you all the tricks for successfully NOT being considered an asshole and scoring.

I. M. Telling's guide to properly using online hookup and swinger sites is full of tips and suggestions to improve your extra curricular sex life.

Years of experience in the lifestyle with the use of the suggested using online sites are the real stories behind the author's suite of explicit fictional erotica tales. Learn from the expert and get laid soon!

Warning: Material intended for adults 18 and older.

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A Look Inside the Story

Here is an example of how I used their activity monitor.  When I happened to find a single or a couple we were a little intrigued by who also just happened to be online, I would send them an email.  Let’s say I noticed that they had just clicked on someone’s profile. Of course, the site didn’t reveal who the member was looking at however I knew that the other member started looking at a profile twenty-three seconds ago. By refreshing the screen frequently, I kept tract that another five or ten seconds passed without the member going anywhere else on the site. Finally, I would see their last page viewed as their email inbox; I had them then.

“Good,” I would say. “Now they will see the email I just sent.” Impatiently, I would flip back and forth between the member’s profile and my own sent mail page so that I could see when they opened the one I had sent to them.

Occasionally, despite the fact that the member checked their inbox, they did not open the email I sent them. This made it very clear to me that probably, the member was not interested enough to even see what I had sent them. Often, this was totally verified by another site feature that indicated whether the email I sent was deleted, having never been opened.

Folks, time is too short to worry about people who are not interested in you so, again using the site’s features, I typed in a note about them so that I could refer to it in the future should I forget how much of a super asshole they were.


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