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When the young couple comes to the attention of Internet Radio Host Nikki and Johnny, they can't believe that a single woman is capable of what she has accomplished. They decide there is only one way to allow Mike and Trisha to backup their claims that Trisha is the biggest black cock slut around.

How many different big black cocks can she take in one sitting? Twenty? Fifty?

By the time it was over, no one could believe she'd done it. No one could believe she did it with all of them! This is the third story of Mike and his white wife Trisha. It's not just handling three of four guys at a hotel takeover party, it isn't about getting the best black cock around, this one is about the numbers. Let's start the count!

Caution: This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between multiple African American men and a white woman. It includes oral sex, rough sex, voyeurism, cuckolding, ménage, wife sharing, double penetration, exhibitionism, semen swallowing, and other practices.

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A Look Inside the Story

A dozen mattresses had been ordered and Johnny had made arrangements with the store to have another dozen delivered should it become necessary. Electrolyte beverages chilled in a cooler near where the first mattress had been laid out. Two laundry hampers, one filled with clean sheets and the other ready to receive dirtied ones stood near one wall.  James tripled checked his stopwatch and Pecker Jack played with his tally counter despite the three hours that remained before the Queen of the Black Cock Sluts climbed onto the mattress for the first time.  Trisha had pre-autographed two hundred explicit photographs, signing each, “Thanks for fucking me!”

In the weeks leading up to tonight’s show, the topic of Sex-Talk had varied little from the event to come. If the call in volume was to be believed, there would be enough black cock to reach from one goal line on a football field all the way down to the opposing goal. However, Sex-Talk was unfortunately, just talk.

Joe Sawyer served as director and producer of the show and he fretted over the three cameras and the bank of disc duplicators so that sales of the show videos would be available to the participants before they left. There was also a half dozen, very big and very black security guards standing by just in case. That had been one of Trisha’s husband Mike’s demands.

He had made other demands regarding rules and protocols and Johnny was adamant that all of his suggestions would be honored without question. Trisha could refuse anyone she felt uncomfortable with, each guy would gave three minutes between knees down and knees up off her, and She would have at least ten minutes per hour to rest.

Nikki calculated that at 3 minutes a guy, adding an extra half minutes to make a cock change that in fifty minutes Trisha could handle as many as fourteen dicks. If she could make the full eight hours, she’d get a hundred and fourteen. A hundred was the magic number as far as Johnny was concerned. With just over two hours to go, there was no doubt that everyone was pumped.

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