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*BOB for Christmas

Cindy Lou and Gordon are the parents of a teenage daughter, Angela. Cindy Lou want to get her daughter a Christmas present that will be special between her and her daughter. The problem is what she should get that would be special for both of them. Cindy Lou comes up with an idea to get her daughter a B.O.B. or in this case a mini B.O.B.

Cindy Lou wants to support her daughter's growing maturity and still protect her from having her first experience too soon as a young teenage girl. Her solution is mini B.O.B. or mini Battery Operated Boyfriend in this fun short Christmas story by I.M. Telling.

* (B.O.B.) is a Battery-Operated-Boyfriend
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A Look Inside the Story

It was not Grandma Martha’s distaste for profanity and nudity that Cindy was thinking about, as she sat down at the kitchen table with her coffee that morning, after officially moving into December.  What Cindy focused on was the apparent naivety her mother had shown on the eve of Cindy’s wedding twenty years before.

Cindy had no choice except to obediently sit through a hour long mother-daughter chat that was Martha’s version of the birds and the bees. Obviously misinformed about her daughter’s world, Martha counseled her daughter about what Martha referred to as a wife’s duties, explaining that it was necessary for her to submit to her husband’s desires.

Clearly, Martha considered the act of sex to be something that was simply endured by the woman. Cindy had to appear as though the subject was something she had never been exposed to, all the while remembering that Gordon and she had found a bed on their second date two years earlier and Gordon was far from her first experience. Cindy was determined that she would never inflict such as discussion on daughter Angela.


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