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Simone was so deep in thought that she did not notice the man that sat just to her right. She only became aware of his presence when she felt the pressure of his hand on her leg, just above her knee.

Had this been at any other time or place, Simone would have reacted with shock and outrage however, the total surprise of the man’s action made her pause long enough to look up and towards the stranger. She gasped as she momentarily envisioned the face of Marcus smiling at her.

Of course, it was not Marcus, or anyone else she had ever met. The man was perhaps mid-thirties, but Simone suspected he could be as young as late-twenties or perhaps already in his forties. He was well dressed, and instantly, Simone detected his scent; she liked it and felt aroused.

Still recovering from the man’s forwardness, Simone could not imagine what she might say to the man, whose hand still rested firmly on her leg. What should I do, she wondered. She quickly realized that allowing the man’s hand to remain would send a significant message. Simone made her decision and confirmed her willingness by placing her own hand on top of the stranger’s. A moment later, she applied a slight pressure and slid his hand upwards. No words had yet been exchanged between them. Another moment passed, and the man shifted his hand even further up her leg and inwards between her legs. This is it, Simone thought, as she gently opened her legs for him and swiveled around on her stool to face him.

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