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My name is Alex and I am a black man.
Jeannie awoke that morning when her agent Jack called with great news!

As a struggling young actress, Jeannie knew that some roles would push her limits and she was convinced that her professionalism would support her when that offer of a lifetime came knocking. Her agent’s news would test out her resolve.

Jeannie had yet to experience her first on-screen kiss but the role required far more than just kissing a man. The part required full nudity and included an explicit sexual encounter with an African American. Raised in a conservative environment that was prejudicial towards blacks, this would also be the challenge of a lifetime. 

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A Look Inside the Story

I could hear James’s hands rubbing together to warm the massage oil and when he finally laid his hands on the top of my shoulders, his heat penetrated me as if the fluid passed right though the outer levels of my flesh.

My body had been completely given to James’s fingers. There was not a place where I wasn’t happy to have him touch.  What had started on my shoulders continued up around my neck and then down the middle of my back where the pressure of his hands on my spine made my body stretch out as far as I could reach with the tips of my fingers and toes.  His palms circled around, around my buttocks, and inside my thighs. I spread my legs to give him whatever access to me that he desired. I nearly died when James’s mouth encircled the big toe on my left foot.

My eyes were closed now, not because I no longer desired to see him with me in the mirror but I was too deep into my ecstasy to focus on anything but how it felt having his hands on me.  Then his touching of me stopped, I had to open my eyes to see what was going on.  This time, I looked directly at James rather than our mirrored reflection and saw that he was removing his last remaining articles of clothing.

I could not stop looking at his cock. No longer only partially erect, but fully extended as blood had filled every inch of it.  I had heard the term big black cock many times but for the first time in my life, I knew what the phrase meant.

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