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Patricia knew she had to get out of the house that morning, she knew she had to do something otherwise; her anger at her philandering husband would drive her insane.

Heading out for a drive with no destination in mind, events coalesce and place her in a situation where choices have to be made.

Patricia finds herself stranded; with no water, out of gas, out of smokes, and even out of toilet paper. When she finally decides to try to walk to safety, she feels the deep vibration of massive bass speakers even before the sounds of Rap Music reaches her ears.  Looking behind her, she sees an oncoming automobile. Will this be salvation or will her problems just get worse?
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A Look Inside the Story

For the first time, Patricia began to calm down. If this Tyrone fellow was going to turn down free money, perhaps her situation was not as dire as she had assumed.

Patricia continued to talk to Tyrone, asking him questions, complimenting him on the music he was playing, which actually, was starting to appeal to Patricia in a sort of jungle fever way. It definitely rocked as far has creating ripples within the nerve endings on her body. She realized that it was arousing her.

However, between the loudness of the stereo and Tyrone’s ghetto-like phrasings, Patricia was only able to decipher about half of what Tyrone was saying. Regardless, she did not feel threatened by anything the young man said or did as they turned onto the state highway where earlier that day, Patricia had left to cut cross-country to her sister’s farmhouse.

Being back on state roads and seeing other vehicles on the road removed all that remained of Patricia’s early worries and fears. She found herself strangely attracted to this young man, despite the obvious cultural differences.

The outskirts of town could be seen dead ahead and Patricia realized that all that remained was for her to instruct this surprisingly good Samaritan to drop her off anywhere and she could call Triple-A and hitch a ride with a road service vehicle back to her car.

Life was about to return to normal but with those thoughts, Patricia remembered way she had driven miles out of town in the first place.  She remembered that tenth line item on that credit card statement that looked like steak dinners for two. She remembered vividly the entry that followed; which was obviously a swanky hotel room suite. Her mood instantly changed from happy to be safe and alive to mad as hell, a scorned woman whose husband had defiled her with his actions. If her husband was going to sneak around, cheat on her, and fuck some slut, then she acknowledged that she must do the same. Patricia made the decision that she felt had to be made and made right now.  

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