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If I was a woman, I'd be the biggest slut in town!

How many times have you heard a man proclaim this? What if it were possible to play out this fantasy? Is the grass really greener on the other side? 

This was Justin’s fantasy and a demonic little creature named Barney had just the right skills to turn Justin's fantasies into reality.  Justin, now Justine, discovers that there is a whole lot more to being a woman than just acting slutty. 

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity. 
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A Look Inside the Story

Justin opened his eyes in the quarter-light of the full moon that passed over his home and thought he saw a mouse.  He quickly assumed that he was dreaming and closed his eyes again and rolled over and put his arms around Christine.

As he eased back to sleep, he wondered why a mouse would be sitting on his nightstand starring at him with those little beady eyes, twitching its whiskers at him. It made no sense whatsoever, even in a dream. He rolled over again just to be sure; there was no mouse. If he had just turned back around quicker, he would have seen something that looked like a mouse, but wasn’t.

Barney often assumed the features of animals, as he wandered the place where humans lived. Lately his favorite shape took the form of mouse but he didn’t quite have the image down pat. His ears looked more as if they belonged on a small rabbit and his eyes, catlike and vertical showed too much red.

Barney was sure he could refine his ears but he knew that his eyes would remain demonic since after all, Barney was a demon and demon eyes were always red and glowed brightly, especial in pitch-blackness. Demon eyes didn’t reflect light; they generated it.

Barney preferred being above ground in the human world; he hated being in Hell but then, no one liked it down there, not even the Big Boss.  Not only was it way too hot to suit Barney, most of the Boss’ other demons were mean and nasty creatures, that took pleasure in tormenting humans. Barney simply enjoyed having a little fun with them occasionally.

Barney was convinced that his next target Justin would offer him enough amusement to occupy him for a long time. He had allowed Justin that flickering instant where he could see him as his initial contact. Knowing that Justin would turn back to look a second time, Barney scrambled to find a soft spot underneath Justin’s pillow where he could be heard and not seen.

As Justin slowly edged back into a deep sleep, Barney followed along and it was easier to stay with the human now that he was so near to Justin’s mind. As usual, Justin’s subconscious thoughts emanated out and Barney’s oversized ears twitched as he heard everything he was thinking and dreaming. Justin was definitely a man whore.


Justin Sawyer had married Christine three years earlier after graduating from the same university. Although they had not waited on their wedding night to experience each other’s bodies, Christine had come to Justin’s bed a virgin that night six months before they exchanged vows. She knew her future husband had been with other women but she was comfortable in her beliefs that they would be faithful and monogamous from that first night forward. Justin felt that way also.

However, Justin’s imagination leaned easily towards sexual fantasies and his most frequently occurring thoughts centered on the differences between men and women.  His most recent and recurring fantasy began after watching a documentary on television about human sexuality. The narrator and varied guest speakers on the show discussed how human instincts controlled human mating practices.

According to the film, a female seeks out the most powerful male available so that he can provide her with offspring that would benefit from the father’s genes. She would seek out the best hunter, or the fittest male partner to sire her children, at least during the early days of humankind. In a modern world, this often meant the most successful in terms of earnings or achievements and power. Women were selective in their search, turning away the men who they felt would produce children less able to cope and therefore, less likely to survive and continue the species. It was all about breeding, and is still a primary focus for less evolved species.

Men on the other hand are driven by primal instincts in the modern era; their focus is to attempt procreation often, with as many willing females as possible, in order to increase the chances of siring a prodigy. 

The documentary went as far as claiming that modern traditional commitments within a relationship such as matrimony were somewhat unnatural, especially for the male since it restricted him to only having access to a single female. It even cited marriage as a female invention.

Other elements in the documentary commented on additional aspects of human reproduction by making the point that most species are driven in their desire to continue the species but humans differentiated themselves by having sex for fun whereas lesser beast such as dogs and cats only attempted to mate when the female was fertile.

Justin was not too sure of that part of the show because more than once in his life, a male dog had attempted to mount his leg and Justin was absolutely positive that his leg never came into season. Male dogs enjoyed fucking; at least that was Justin’s opinion.

Justin agreed completely about the selectiveness of women and especially in the male’s desire to stick it into anything that happened along and that annoyed him. These were precisely the thoughts Justin dwelt on that Barney’s mischievous mind had tuned into.

Justin loved Christine, and despite his instinctually driven desire to mount other females, he would never allow himself to go behind her back and cheat or disappoint her, nor allow his actions to damage her trust in him. Despite his willingness to follow traditional family values however, he harbored resentment about how the male and female instincts had developed.

Justin felt it was unfair that a woman could get herself laid so easily. All a woman had to do was make eye contact with a man and lick her lips once. Even if Justin wanted to shake the bushes for an alternate experience, the timing would never favor him. Women required a courting ritual where her primitive instincts would evaluate a potential mate and this would take time, money, and a lot of effort, something he could not offer while in an existing relationship.

Justin often admitted to his drinking buddies how lucky women were, that they could get fucked at the drop of a hat and he heard the same sentiments expressed many times by other men.

“Yeah, if I was a woman, I’d be the biggest slut in town. I’d fuck anyone, anywhere, and look around to see who else I could fuck.”

“You got that right, and a woman can fuck as long as she wants to also, five guys, ten guys, all she has to do is spread her legs.”

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