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Luanne was shocked when her mother informed her that she was engaged to marry an African American. Not only was she about to have a new Daddy,  she would gain a new half brother that was close to her own age.

The newly connected brother and sister cannot resist breaking all the taboos and letting their  passion for each other  carry them into the bedroom.

Be forewarned that this is a story of pseudo incest.

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

NOTICE: This title is no longer available on Amazon. The story has been declared too offensive and censored.  At least for now, this title can be ordered from these online retailers:

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A Look Inside the Story

It wasn’t like we were planning to have a date or anything, just making plans for a quiet evening at home. The pizza became an exercise in sharing as I gave her all my mushrooms and she gave me all of her pepperoni slices.  I think I started to have thoughts that things might develop when our food exchange started with her pulling a piece of pepperoni off her slice and holding it out to my face. I opened my mouth and she laid it on my tongue. Food can be an erotic delight as she and I fed each other.

Anyway, after we finished our pizza, Luanne grabbed one of the DVDs we had rented and put it into the player. I raided Dad’s liquor cabinet and made us both rum and cokes.  We had to be careful about that of course, the last time I stole some of his booze, I thought he was going to kick my ass. Being home alone, the bottle already opened, no way was I going to pass on having a taste of Bacardi that night. It certainly was not Luanne’s first drink either and we felt like little kids raiding the cookie jar.  I kept thinking I would be glad when I would be old enough to buy my own booze.

So try to picture the scene at this point. Luanne and I were sitting together on the sofa, with maybe a couple of feet between us, sipping on our rum and cokes. Luanne was smoking a cigarette, which was another secret of hers that only I knew about. The room was dark and the movie was entertaining. 

It was more of a chick flick than something I wanted to see but it was an interesting story nonetheless. We were about half way through it when Luanne leaned her body towards me and rested her head against my shoulder. I’m was not even sure she realized what she was doing, but I felt her body’s touch from my shoulder all the way down to the tip of my cock.  I wasn’t sure how far things could go, in fact I wondered if we were already at our limit as she snuggled up against me.  After maybe five minutes, I adjusted my position and wrapped my arm around her, she did not appear to notice.

We stayed snuggled up in that position until the movie ended. Frankly, I did not have the balls to take the next step. After all, she was my sister now, not to mention a stone dry virgin.  She was misty-eyed at the end of the movie and reluctantly, I released my grasp of her and went back to the liquor cabinet to sponge some more of Dad’s rum while she grabbed the second DVD and put it into the machine. This one was more my kind of movie, lots of action, people getting killed and maimed, you know, normal stuff.

That’s when things got interesting.  As soon as we both sat back down on the sofa, she moved in close again and I put my arm around her. By then, I knew she was well aware that the two of us were bundled up together like boyfriend and girlfriend. I started gently massaging her upper arm with my thumb.

The first kill scene of the movie occurred less than five minutes into it when one of the bad guy’s head exploded when a bullet passed through his brain. I heard Luanne saying, “Oh, yuck!”  I looked down at her, put on all my charm, and said, “If this movie is too graphic, we don’t have to watch it. She turned her head up towards me. Our lips were only inches apart.

“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” said Luanne.

Decision time in the flash of an instant, what exactly was Luanne telling me when she said, “I don’t mind”? I took a deep breath and moved closer to her lips. Her eyes were open and I moved closer. I finally gave into my temptations and pressed my lips to hers, unsure of what might follow. Luanne allowed me to kiss her briefly before pulling back away from me but not too far. We looked into each other eyes and kissed again, this time, with mouths open. Her tongue reached inside of mine and I quickly chased it back into her mouth where we battled with each other, like wrestlers on television. 

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