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Strange things can happen when your small charter plane crash-lands on a deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle.

Experienced swingers Charlie and Claudine found themselves in a topsy-turvy world where they are the monogamous couple. Charlie is suspicious that he might have been something he did that turned the pilot and three other couples into wanton sex-addicts.

Lost in Sex is sexual satire from the mind of I. M. Telling.

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.   

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A Look Inside the Story

Charlie had not cum for four days, not since the crash of his island-hopping flight had miraculously survived its emergency landing on the beach of this deserted island.  It was unbelievable that no one had been injured.

Charlie and the other nine passengers had talked of nothing except how perhaps; they might have found the hole in the Bermuda Triangle where supposedly all those freak disappearances had occurred. The pilot Jessie Jenkins had told the survivors that his instruments had all gone haywire and that fueled the speculation to the point where now everyone was convinced that they were lost for good, swallowed up like Flight 19 and according to Tom Parker, hundreds if not thousands of others who had gone unaccounted for.

Being lost had not been Charlie’s main concern that morning when he awoke with a massive erection. He would deal with rescue efforts later, right now; all he wanted to do was bust a nut.   Charlie’s wife Claudine, asleep next to him under the grass-topped shelter they had constructed looked tempting and Charlie’s initial thoughts had been to reach over and arouse her.  Just before he reached his hand over to caress her tit, he stopped because less than fifteen feet away, lay the shelters of two of the other couples.

It wasn’t that Charlie was shy about fucking Claudine in front of other people, far from it of course, but this wasn’t a swingers’ party.  He doubted that Bill and Irene nor Henry and Wendy would appreciate hearing Claudine’s ecstasy. He considered just waking Claudine up and suggesting that they find some banana tree leaves fifty yards away. Again, he reached over to nudge her but then stopped.  She needs her rest, he thought, and it was his problem that morning that needed a solution.

Charlie did not travel far from his shelter, the brush and shrubbery was thick, and less than ten feet off the sandy beach was as isolated as the far side of the island.

After a quick final glance to where everyone had constructed their shelters, Charlie undid his belt, unsnapped his jeans, and pulled out his cock.  He felt the cool ocean air on the surface of his cock, which now free of its captivity, seemed to gain increased tension as he wrapped his fingers around it.

How long had it been since he had jacked off, he wondered.  His palm felt like a long lost friend as he gently squeezed his cock. There seemed to be heat emanating from it as slowly at first, he pulled on it and then pulled back. A few minutes later, his hand became a blur but Charlie wasn’t watching. He closed his eyes and thought of Tina Marie.

Tina Marie was the young trophy wife of Benjamin and Charlie’s eyes had spent a lot of time taking in her shapely curves that afternoon four days before as he followed her up the plane’s boarding steps.  Her ass screamed to him, “Touch me!” as it undulated in front of him going up the steps. Claudine elbowed him and whispered, “Don’t be so obvious.”

Charlie had just chuckled after his wife’s admonishment; he knew very well which of the men boarding the flight had caught her attention. Even the old fellow Benjamin received one of Claudine’s stares. It amused Charlie that his wife was even more of a sex addict than he was. The two had met at a swingers’ party, each of them arriving with a date. However, they went home that night together after the party, that morning, Charlie corrected himself.

Although Charlie used Tina Marie for his fantasy that morning, he could not help but spend at least a couple of cock strokes thinking about Claudine and their wedding a year earlier. He had been the only one at the reception who didn’t fuck Claudine that night because he had been too busy nailing as many of the bridesmaids and other female guests to give his new bride any attention.

Oh, Tina, Tina Marie, thought Charlie, as his nuts tightened, a moment later, he shot his load against the side of the coconut tree that rose up before him. The thin, light colored bark of the tree turned dark as his semen dripped down its side. Wow, though Charlie, four days only and look how much cum I got out of me.


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