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Mari is seduced by her innocence and her desires to take advantage of youth and looks to become a famous model and actress. She does not realize how evil men can be until she is tricked into coming from her home in Nairobi to the United States where a White supremacy group places her into slavery.

This is not a tale that takes place a hundred and fifty years ago. It happens in modern America. The story is brutal and her tormentors are relentless in their degradation of Mari and other young black men and women who have shared her fate.

Nevertheless, Mari is a special person, who rises to greatness and leads a rebellion inside the guarded gates of the band’s compound. She devises a daring and risky plan to win her freedom but freedom for her and the other slaves might cost them their souls.

Mari came to American with a dream in her heart. Brought to the United States by an evil man and his two sons, her dream becomes a nightmare of domestic and sexual servitude.

Her spirit is never broken by her enslavement however. She knows who she is and uses her inner strength to overcome her situation.

Approximately 230 pages

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