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All the ivory couples are back to play at the monthly ebony on ivory parties and the subject of breeding has returned as the hot topic of the night when two of the ivory husbands announce their intentions to have their ivory wives breed-ebony.

This time, baby-fever strikes all of them and plans are formulated by all of the ivory couples. Totally over the top and told for fun, sit back and watch as each ivory wife selects her preferred method to reach her goal.

Of course, becoming ebony-bred is part of the fun and a lot of fun is had between the ivory women and the big-stud ebony men as the ivory husbands stand back offering their encouragement.

Warning: Material intended for adults 18 and older.

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A Look Inside the Story

Only Riley knew in advance about Randy and Carmella’s announcement that night. He focused on Ted remembering his remarks from nearly four years earlier.

“Shit man… If Carmella lets herself get knocked up… BRED, my fucking Linda… she’s gonna want one too!”

Knowing how Ted’s wife Linda had fawned over Tina Louise’s mixed offspring, he guessed Ted’s Linda might very well jump onto the bandwagon.  As for Tina Louise, he already knew she had started measuring her timing to determine her most likely dates for conception.

“Carmella wants an ebony baby,” Randy stated boldly.

“Here we go again,” laughed Bob, “Are you going to keep your ivory nuts out of her nest this time Poppa?”

“You damn right I am, Hell… Carmella’s already cut me off. Been whacking the ivory tower solo for over a month now just to make sure I hadn’t already knock her up.”

“Shit… I know my fucking Linda… she’s gonna want one too!”

Riley pushed his poker chair back, stood up, and reached over the stack of chips to congratulate Randy. He added, “We’re going to go for our second too… but you probably already knew that.”

Randy beamed a wide smile at Riley and replied, “Yeah, I figured you guys were in for another round. It’s going to be fun to see which of our ivory brides gets her ebony baby first… care to put some money on it?”

“My fucking Linda…”

Randy smiled at Riley and then turned towards Ted, “So… if that’s what she wants…”

“Fuck man, I guess I’m going to be raising an ebony baby too, no way is Linda going to stay out of it this time. Not if both Carmella and Tina Louise are game.”

“I wouldn’t be surprise if Suzanne wanted in this time either,” Bob added.

At that point, the four decided men looked towards Mark but it was not necessary for them to ask him the question.

“Now hold on guys… I can’t commit Denise to something like this, not without talking to her first.”

“No one said you had to commit and you’re not committed until Denise’s ivory pussy is full of ebony cum… and she’s in season. Mark, I’m just guessing that Suzanne will want to get knocked up; it has been a fantasy of hers for a long time. She and I, we still need to have that discussion… weigh things and consider all the issues.”

“My fucking Linda…” lamented Ted softly.

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