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Sometimes you have an itch and you just have to get it scratched, probed, played with, and stimulated and there is only one thing that will provide it to you.

A pretty young white woman thought her future was laid out for her when she fell in love with another student in college who happened to be of African American descent. At night, she made love with him but the excitement of interracial and the contrasting colors seen in the light of day gave her an entirely different and especially erotic perspective. Unfortunately, the her young African American student is killed in a tragic accident.

Years later, and truly happy with a man of her own race, the woman feels that need that was lost when her black lover was taken from her. She goes to great lengths for just once more to scratch her itch; she decides, “I’m in serious need!”

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an African American man and a white woman. It includes interracial sex, oral sex, cuckolding, exhibitionism, semen swallowing, and other practices.

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A Look Inside the Story

James was still asleep; I suppose he had really exhausted himself pleasing me the night before. I can only imagine how many calories we had spent during the night, I know that we were both soaked with perspiration as he pounded my willing pussy over and over again, for what seemed like hours. Normally, I would have jumped out of bed that morning and ran to the shower screaming that my night company do the same, or else! But, last night wasn’t normal.

We had not fucked; we had made love, I don’t know if I knew the difference until that night.  Maybe we didn’t make love to each other but our bodies had made love, being perfectly matched as if they had been designed to merge together. It wouldn’t be long before our minds also merged into one however, adding harmony to our physical attraction.

As I lay next to James, the result of our night’s physical activity was noticeable on us both. The word funk came to mind, a word that typically wasn’t a part of my vocabulary. It was a thick musky smell that I had never noticed on white men even after strenuous physical activity. I loved how James smelled and I breathed in deeply to taste it, then leaned forward and tasted James himself with the tip of my tongue; salty, but somehow sweet too.

I knew that from that moment on, interracial sex was going to be a part of me, buried deep inside my desires as James had buried his cock deep inside my pussy.

Carefully, I pulled back from James so as not to awaken him, at least not yet.  Quietly, I edged back further until I could stretch out my legs to the floor.  I tiptoed over to the window and peered outside.  James’ apartment was on the third floor and as I peered out past the curtains, I saw that outside, was a wooded area. I could even see some squirrels running around on the ground near a tree.

Slowly, so as not to let in too much light all at once, I opened the curtains while looking at James while he slept. The sunlight shining in through the window somehow seemed to amplify the rich darkness of his body. The bed sheets covered James from the waist down, depriving me from seeing his completely naked body.

I suppose that for other people, maybe my delight at looking at James might seem strange and even perverted to some degree, because every fiber of my body was aroused by the visual I was seeing. James was a black man, and I was a white women. That was so important to me for some reason. I remember thinking that I shouldn’t be so focused on the contrasting colors but that was how I felt.

At night, in the dark, I made love with the man I instantly knew was Mr. Right. During the day, I fucked a black man. At night, I felt passion and desire, in the light of day, I became the white bitch who was in heat, and driven to suck and fuck the big black cock.


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