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“I think I know what you are referring to,” said James after Tonya had asked him if he had ever heard of The Slave Factory. “If you mentioned Per il piacere del Maestro to a hundred thousand different people around the world, you would be hard pressed to find one person who would know what you’re talking about,” declared James.

This is how The Slave Factory begins. It is the story of Tonya's journey of self-discovery as she and an eclectic group of fellow students undergo six-months of focused and brutal reshaping, guided by the Masters and Mistresses of the arts of sex, bondage, discipline, and submission and the love to serve within the walls of a place known only as The Academy.

Each student spent years under the watchful eye of the secret company that traced its origins to ancient history and beyond. Only the best were selected from the final review of candidates, only the best of those were selected to be trained and sold as slaves to the wealthy and the powerful.

Question: Would you sell yourself into a year of sexual and submissive servitude for a few million dollars?  What limits would you impose (if any) on what your Master needs from you?

The Slave Factory is over 300 pages of sex, bondage, and maybe a little romance tossed in here and there.  One reader stated "It was a good read. Well told and fast paced. Once I got started on it I was a 100 pages into it before I realized it."

Caution: This story contains scenes involving explicit sexual contact and numerous depictions of BDSM activities. Recommended for Adults eighteen or over.

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A Look Inside the Story

“Yes, but that gets us back to what I was talking about earlier. There has to be a hard limit somewhere, where you have this long list of things you are willing to do if the price is right but at some point, the item on the list is beyond pricing. No matter if it was all the money in the world, there is some line you won’t cross.”

“Common sense, yes I understand now,” said Tonya.

“Maybe common sense, but like I said before, I don’t suck cocks but for the right amount, I guess I might. All I know is that I wouldn’t want to be put into a position where I had that kind of decision to make.”

“That wouldn’t bother me,” replied Tonya, “I think I know what I can handle and what I can’t.”

“Yeah, well maybe you should do it then. I’m just saying that I wouldn’t want to be put in that position and make those kinds of choices. Tonya, you’ve got a hell of a future ahead of you, you wouldn’t need to debase yourself like that. What are you, twenty-two? You look like a million bucks, you’re smart, educated, you have a good job, you have Mark…”

“Mark is great but, I don’t know… there is something missing there,” signed Tonya.

“Oh, first I’ve heard that from you, what’s wrong?” inquired James.

“Nothing is… wrong, it is more like something isn’t right, you know what I mean? There is just something incomplete about our relationship.”

James pondered what Tonya said and asked, “Are you still living together?”

“Yes, but I don’t know for how much longer. He asked me to marry him.”

“He did? Wow, when did that happen?” exclaimed James.

“About a week ago, I told him I… well, I told him probably.”

“I don’t think probably or maybe is the kind of answer you are supposed to give to a marriage proposal,” chuckled James, “Anything but yes usually translates to no.”

“I know, but… when he asked me, I was really happy and excited and… I came this close to saying yes,” declared Tonya, holding her hands in front of her with her palms facing but not touching. “The thing is, I felt he wasn’t that disappointed when I wouldn’t commit to it.”

“Hmmm,” signaled James.

“Yeah,” agreed Tonya, “that’s what I meant when I said things weren’t quite right. Not only did I hesitate, I got the feeling he was relieved when I didn’t.”

James thought for a moment and said, “Putting this my way, you were willing to play house with Mark, do the things that a married couple does but when he asked you to marry him, what you would have to give in return to him is a life-long commitment. That was the part that was beyond your limit.”

Tonya thought for a moment and then nodded at James but she wished that he would talk more about the slave thing. Although she considered the idea of selling herself as some kind of sex slave was ridicules, it was a way out of what was really going on in her life.

She felt a sense of dependency on Mark and she liked that but Mark was too much like that himself.  He was probably sitting at home right now having kittens wondering where Tonya was, and not because he worried about her, or wanted her to fix his dinner.  He would be freaking out that perhaps he had been abandoned. Tonya was comfortable being dependent herself, she just was not comfortable with things the other way around. It was the subconscious reason why she had never wanted to have pets.

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