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The Slave Factory: Total Power Exchange

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This is the third volume of the sexually erotic and BDSM themed Slave Factory Trilogy. It begins approximately three years after the events that unfolded in volume two. As in the previous edition of this series, a significant portion of this story is targeted towards the drama aspects as control of Per il piacere del Maestro itself is at stake.

Fitzpatrick McMullen has risen to the rank of Council Lord in his quest to remove the stigma of evil that permeates The Company.  He has vowed to bring about reform and changes to his beloved organization or destroy it.  Lord Bishop believes that Fitz’s goals will destroy Per il piacere del Maestro. This time, Slave Tonya must come forth to rescue her beloved Master.

Caution: This story contains scenes involving explicit sexual contact and numerous depictions of BDSM activities. Recommended for Adults eighteen or over.

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A Look Inside the Story

Tonya had asked her Master the night before his flight to Rome why the Supreme Grand Master was never referred to by his given name. Fitz had explained that the custom had been the way things had been since the first Supreme Grand Master had assumed his position centuries earlier. “He doesn’t need a name Darling; he is the Supreme Grand Master. Anything else would be pleonastic.”

“Would be what?” she asked, “What is pleonastic?”

“Pleonastic Tonya,” Fitz sighed, pretending to be perturbed by her questions and bothered while he studied his reports, “Don’t be so dependent, go and look it up… do it now!”

“Yes Master,” Tonya replied happily, as she hopped off her new husband’s bed. She was delighted that he had given her an order at last; it had seemed like weeks since her Master had exercised his authority with her. Completely naked, as usual, she rushed into Fitz’s study and looked for the large Webster’s Dictionary he kept on his bookshelf. She snatched it down and opened it and after making an educated guess at the word’s spelling, she found what she was looking for.

“Oh, I see,” she said softly. To firmly entrench the new word into her vocabulary, she read the definition aloud twice, “the use of more words than are necessary to express an idea; redundancy.” She rushed back into their bedroom and said, “It means… it’s like saying burning fire or black darkness. But why didn’t you just say redundant in the first place Fitz?”

Fitz smiled and Tonya knew that she would never get a reason out of Fitzpatrick so she climbed back into bed and snuggled near him. “I think I understand, calling him Supreme Grand Master Bill or Supreme Grand Master Charles… whatever his real name is… or was I mean, that would make it sound like there were more than one Supreme Grand Master.”

“That’s correct Sweetie, only after his death and a new head of The Company has been named is his given name ever attached to his title.”

“Why aren’t there any Mistresses on The Council?” she asked.

Fitz chuckled, “Who ever heard of a Bill of Rights for BDSM?”

“I wish I were going with you, I’d love to visit Rome again, I love seeing all the old architecture and it would be wonderful to see Wanda and Thomas again.”

“Maybe next time, but this visit of mine, there is a tradition associated with this and I’m obligated to follow it. Having a private audience with the Supreme Grand Master is something that rarely happens, it is referred to as the Journey of Submission, and it must be taken alone. You’re not even supposed to know about it in fact.”

“All this secrecy, I don’t think I will ever completely be immune to it. Moreover, ever since you took the Grand Oath and joined The Council… I feel as if I don’t know the real you anymore. You never tell me about what goes on during those meetings, and… and you’re so moody after attending one of them.”

“Yes, but I’m sure you’re glad to be back in Miami, here in our condo and spending occasional nights offshore aboard Tonya’s Escape.”

“Oh God yes,” she quickly agreed, “Atlanta was great but every time I tried to go somewhere, I’d get lost. Peach Street, Peach Boulevard, Peach Avenue… and then there is Peachtree this, Peachtree that… there must be twenty different streets in Atlanta with the name peach in them… it is so confusing.”

Tonya snuggled her body in tight against her husband and began twirling his chest hair with her fingers.

“Would you believe that there are over seventy Atlanta streets with some variant of Peachtree in the name?”

“I believe it,” Tonya nodded; she tried to make up a joke to tell about asking directions in Atlanta but quickly lost her focus when Fitz began kissing her neck.

“Does the Master need satisfaction?” she asked, knowing the answer, but she wanted him to think she wasn’t sure. Fitz’s actions gave her the answer she needed. Her nakedness had given rise, as she enjoyed referring to it, to her husband’s desires.

Her mind was partially still inside the dictionary in Fitz’s study, she thought about how Fitz often said to her that it was unnecessary for her to have her body covered with any clothing while he was home. She thought, unnecessary is a synonym for redundant… and pleonastic is a synonym for redundant… was she therefore, pleonastic? Before she could sort out the words in her head, her distracted thoughts refocused to the task at hand, as she opened her lips to accept her husband’s tongue. His fingers found places to play and explore, and he immediately discovering the wetness between her legs that assured him that she also desired a touch of satisfaction.

Fitz broke their embrace and positioned himself between Tonya’s legs near the foot of the bed, and wrapped his hands around her ankles. He pulled Tonya towards him until she was lying flat on her back. Satisfied with where she had landed, he slid his hands upwards over her calves and then higher still, using his body as a wedge to widen the spread of her legs. He began kissing and licking her inner thighs, making sure that neither the left nor the right side received too great a share of his attention. A moment before his tongue made its first targeted thrust towards her pussy; he stole a quick glance at his Rolex to check the time. Damn, he thought, I only have about ninety minutes.

Fitz was so attuned to Tonya’s responses now that he knew exactly when she was approaching a climax and his tongue would cease its massage of her clit for a brief moment each time her body quivered in her telltale way. Her body’s reactions were coming quicker now and he knew that if he didn’t allow her to cum soon, she’d lose control and grab him by his ears and bury his face into her cunt. That wouldn’t do at all and Fitz knew it. Tonya’s submissive nature demanded that he control every aspect of their love bonding and when he began to detect the shaking in her forearms, he knew it was time to move into the next phase.

As he backed his head away from between her legs, his tongue retraced its steps as he kissed and licked his way down until he reached just above her right knee. From there, he continued down that side of her body until he reached the tip of her toes where he spent just enough time to dampen each of them.

He quickly glanced at his wristwatch one more time just to make certain his timing was on schedule. At this point, he knew that he could nearly get Tonya off simply by inserting his cock into her. Her pussy was throbbing and once inside her, he could enhance her sensations by tightening himself a time or two to increase the blood pressure and throbbing his dick was experiencing.


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