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Come back for another night of dreams coming true  at The Zebra Lounge in the third episode First Visit, but sometimes dreams can turn out to be far different from the fantasy.

Todd was fascinated with black people from an early age and fantasized seeing a blond woman with big masculine and fit black men. After his marriage to his beautiful blond wife Miranda, the face of the woman of his fantasies became his wife's. Todd thought he knew what he wanted, he was sure of it, and he set out on a plan to manipulate his beautiful wife Miranda to satisfy his own desires and lust to see her with a black man.

If you ever wanted to know the answer to the question, "How do I get my wife to go black?" you will discover the way Todd did it, but just be sure that this really is what you want because once you start her down this road, you might not care for where the road leads.

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an African American men and white women. It includes oral sex, voyeurism, cuckolding, ménage, wife sharing, exhibitionism, semen swallowing, and other practices.

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A Look Inside the Story

Todd headed back to the motel room and on his way back; he again passed by The Zebra Lounge to check out how many cars were in the parking lot. Definitely more, he thought.

His big worry now was what Miranda would do once she realized that there was a little different focus to The Zebra Lounge than he had let on to her.  He assumed that once she saw what Long John O’Tool had described in his writings, that she would instantly seek the nearest exit. Just getting her inside would be a huge challenge if there was a line with nothing but black men waiting to get in.

He also worried about how he was going to answer her questions if they were asked to show their membership card to get in. He concocted a story about stopping by while he was out getting her aspirins. He would tell her that the membership was cheap, like maybe five dollars or something. If Miranda knew he had paid two hundred, it would surely trigger an argument.

Despite his hopes and the fantasies that bombarded him, Todd guessed that the odds that Miranda would actually consent to someone was a hundred to one, more like ten thousand to one. Still, just getting her inside would produce a level of satisfaction and accomplishment, and later, he could envision the sight of Miranda inside The Zebra Lounge with black men in the background. Just getting her inside would give him memories that could feed his fantasies for a long time.

He pulled back into the motel’s entrance and then parked in a spot near his motel room and got out of his car and headed to the door. A few seconds later, the door lock clicked as he inserted his keycard into the slot. What he saw inside was beyond his wildest imaginations.

At first, he was sure he had entered the wrong motel room as he glanced to his left to see the woman sitting in the motel room chair beside the small rounded table.

She was stunning, as she sat there, with her left leg crossed over the right one, where the high slit on the purple dress allowed him to see all the way, up to where he could see the thin strap of her black thong panties. The woman’s breast sat like large oranges, pushed up by the under lift bra she wore. “Miranda,” gasped Todd.



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