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 The Zebra Lounge is a private club where dreams come true.

In part two of the series, interracial erotica author Long John O'Tool and his lady friend Carla return to the club to continue their experience. Mark, Marlene, and Coach treat O'Tool to a night of raunchy stories about the club and the black men and white women that revel in the club's decadence.

Listen in and hear the low down on the 'down low' going on inside The Zebra Lounge!

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an African American men and white women. It includes oral sex, voyeurism, cuckolding, ménage, wife sharing, exhibitionism, semen swallowing, and other practices.
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A Look Inside the Story

 As quietly as she had left the bed, she climbed back in, stretched her legs under the covers, and snuggled up to the man. At first, she only placed her hand against his arm to see how awake he was. Not very, she realized, and she extended her hand over his arm and down until it rested on his thigh.

Good, she thought. One of Marlene’s favorite games to play was where she would try to give a man an erection while he slept. If she was successful with that, the grand challenge was to attempt to get him off without him waking up. Of course, the only possible way to beat the grand challenge was either by manual masturbation or oral so more typically, a combination of both techniques.

Still measuring the man’s depth within his sleep cycle, Marlene reached further and carefully cupped his balls in her hand; they felt sticky to the touch. She fantasized about how to a degree, what she was performing was a molestation, man rape, taking advantage of his unaware state. Of course, one move, one touch too extreme and he would be on top of her, fucking the shit out of her before she could whisper, “Good morning!”

After minutes of gentle fondling of the man’s balls, it was time to adjust her hand further up to make contact with his cock. Despite the ball kneading, his dick was still completely flaccid; not even a hint of a piss hard on. Her hand firmly on control of it now, she began easing her upper body down under the covers until she was close enough to the shaft to tickle it with a breath.

She angled the black cock towards her and stretched further, as she tried to touch the tip of it with her tongue. Nope, need to scoot further under, she realized.  She took a deep breath, so as to avoid making any other movement with her body than to slither in closer to him, and gained several inches. At this distance, not only could she tap the head with her tongue, a slight pull would allow her to push past the head with her lips. Gentle licking on the head and upper shaft coupled with gentle squeezing and a slow up and down movement with her hand added width, as the man’s subconscious mind performed its role by pressuring the body to force blood into the penis.

Marlene detected the first taste of pre-cum. She knew she had a winning hand if she kept going. Her hardest task now was to refrain from giggling sounds as she continued to titillate the man’s genitals.

Oh shit, she thought, as the man made a significant body shift. He was still asleep but no longer as deeply as before. His movements were mostly limited to his arms and legs so her primary position of holding his shaft with her lips surrounding the first two inches of his somewhat extended cock was still intake. However, she knew she needed to move carefully now.

She stopped licking his head and shaft and simply allowed his dick to lie quietly upon her tongue. She continued her slow, rhythmic back and forth sliding with her hand.  After ten minutes of this, Marlene was about to give up and grab his balls and pull hard when she felt it starting. A throbbing deep down in the man’s balls had begun to reach upwards and now she could feel contractions within his dick as her hoped for male climax drew close. The initial squirt nearly awoke the man, as it hit the back of Marlene’s throat. Marlene made a silent “Hmmm,” sound, as a second and third blob of semen erupted from the man’s dick and spread out inside her mouth.


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