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Tammy’s husband intended to take them on a week’s vacation at the beach but at the last minute, his boss scheduled him to work. Being a good husband, he allowed his wife to go on the vacation alone, or so he thought. Tammy had to tell someone about it, and her friend Elizabeth was whom she turned to.

“I had an affair, she said.”

“You didn’t!” gasped Elizabeth.

Well, it’s out now, thought Tammy, as she took another sip from her Chablis.
Elizabeth waved at their server to order another round of drinks and once the order had been placed, she turned back to Tammy and said, “Okay, I need to hear all the details. Start from the very beginning, and don’t leave out a single juicy tidbit either dammit!”

Content Warning: This story is intended for mature readers who will not be offended by graphic depictions of sex acts between consenting adults.

This story contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity between an African American men and white women.

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A Look Inside the Story

“At first, I just laid there next to him but not close enough to be touching his body, I was waiting to see if I had awakened him when I climbed into his bed. It didn’t appear that I had and then I started thinking, what if I just fell asleep too and then in the morning, he wakes up and finds me there.”

“That would just be too weird,” said Elizabeth.

“Exactly, and I think what I was wondering was how I’d feel about it myself. I mean I had been driven by my fantasies that night to come to his bedroom and climb into his bed. Would I still want this in the morning, in the light of day?

I think it was at least five minutes that passed as I lay in his bed next to him. I didn’t move a muscle, no wait, that isn’t right. One of my muscles was beating like a tom-tom, my heart was pounding so hard that not only could I feel it, I could hear it.

I was really starting to get freaked out and nearly to the point of trying to slide out of his bed and get the hell out of there when I started noticing the smell coming from the man in bed with me.”

“He stank?”

“No, not at all, I mean, I just became aware of his odor, and… I liked it, it was such a manly smell, but really unique too.”

“Was it a musky smell? That’s what I’ve heard, that black men carry a musky or maybe it’s funky smell.”

“I don’t know what you would call it, I just know I liked it is all, it was really turning me on and I was already in heat when I left my own room. Well, anyway, at least another five minutes passed and he still hadn’t awakened. I debated on whether or not I should reach over and touch him.”

“And did you?”


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