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Here is a list of books by other authors based on subject tags. Enjoy!
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A special note to other erotica authors - Do you use an editor? If not, you are missing out on the most valuable tool available to you.  As a writer of very explicit erotica, I worried that I might not find an editor who would be comfortable with my material. 

I found a great one!  Please check out this Page  of information for Lilith Kyper.

Links to Individual Authors Worth Checking Out 

Charity Parkerson Author's Website

Author's Blog Site
"I live in my own head... Oh, I see you've been there. The cookies are on the table... Yes, I've licked then all already."

Award-winning author Charity Parkerson
Taylor Evans Fulks Author's Website "Taylor Evan Fulks is a talented wordsmith, able to conjure up the hideous experiences with remarkable clarity and emotion. She writes from the heart, and the agony of real experience lends authenticity to her riveting descriptions. " - Reviewed by Fiona I. for Readers Favorite. Awarded 5 stars.
Natalia Darque Author's Website Writer of fiction erotica. Due to my extensive life experiences, most of my stories are strongly based on the truth. Kind of like a Historical Fiction Erotica!
Jane Flowers Author's Website Jane Flowers has written many research and technical papers over the years. The adventure into fiction writing is giving her an outlet for all her bottled up creativity. Fiction is like writing with a new exciting freedom of expression that is like planting a beautiful garden.
SINFUL BOOKS: Sasha Collins Author's Website is dedicated to delivering popular and entertaining books from the Romance & Erotica genres. You can find the majority of our books available on Kindle.

Poet Michael Womack Author's Website Author & Poet Michael L Womack was once shy, but not anymore because now he can't stop telling people about his published book.
Cara Bristol Author's Website Erotic stories to warm your heart & light your fire. UNEXPECTED CONSEQUENCES, A SCENT OF LONGING, RECKLESS IN MOONLIGHT
Alan Rovel Author's Blog Site My material is Adult themed (I don't write Romance or YA stories). Some material takes you to the edge... mine pushes you over... and waves as you fall.
Carla Croft Author's Blog Site
This blog is about all things erotic; comments on things in the news, reviews and the odd musing here and there thrown in. I am dedicated to producing the best erotic stories that I can and would love to hear from you.
Cameron Lincoln's Dirty Words Author's Blog Site I'm a naughty gentleman who writes high quality erotic fiction featuring a variety of scenarios and fetishes, catering to both male and female tastes. If you like well-written, thought provoking filth, anyone of my stories is for you. Guys, girls, I hope I can make your horny and make you smile.
Shaunna Rodriguez Author's Blog Site My name is Shaunna Rodriguez and I have achieved my goal and dream of being a published author. After releasing the preview to my newly released Country Heels romance novel, in under 12 hours I watched it leap to the top of the best sellers list. I had never seen anything like it and I literally had tears of joy.
Shayna York Author's Blog Site

Writer of erotica, sexy, raunchy fiction...getting your mind tuned in and your body turned on! Looking for a publisher!

Tasia Winters Author's Blog Site The further adventures of Tasia Winters, and the people who delight in fucking her.
Pauline Ross Author's Blog Site NSFW. Links to my eBooks on Amazon. Images that make me smile. Occasional Q&A.
Rebecca Scarberry Author's Blog Site Wonderful Author Interviews by Rebecca are found here, as well as links to her books and stories.
Modesty Ablaze Author's Blog Site I just love sex... the more I have, the more I want!
Behind the Circulation Desk Author's Blog Site Be sure to visit The Marquise de Merteuil and Sabinarouault at their blog.  Their own works such as 'Every Sunday Night Quickie', 'A Kitchen Romp', 'His Hands' and lots of reviews and links to suit your favorite fetishes and desires.
Lily Rose Author's Blog Site Lily chronicles her real life journey into the world of BDSM sex as a submissive in New York City. She is one part Kink blogger, one part poet, and one part geeky Ivy League Grad.

She is an advice giver-- sometimes comical; sometimes serious--- this may have something to do with her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Hunter School of Social Work here in NYC. She is an activist, lover of great doms, and a submissive newbie with a lot to say. Lilly has contributed to GetLusty for Couples,, Minchaotica, XXX Match, and Evolvedworld.

Her erotica can be found on Literotica, and RSVP Erotica. You can follow Lilly on twitter at LillyRose@letitlingeron or on facebook at Lilly Rose.
Melissa Craig Author's Blog Site I released my debut erotica novella called PLENTIFUL PACKAGE in October, 2011 in ebook edition and then Paperback in November, 2011. It’s the first novella in the Simply Breathtaking Series – which will be six books. stay tuned for the release news of the next five.
Gunnar Angel Lawrence Author's Blog Site  Erotic love stories with an odd twist. A compilation of April Arousal, May Mistresses and June Jazz. Each story delves into the weird, the sensual and the ride of sexual freedom.
Vicki Vale Author's Blog Site This is in complement to my Literotica account. I am trying to seriously become an author in the Erotica World. I want to hone my skills and one day get published. This is an adult blog. If sexual language and situations cause you pause... This is not the blog for you.
Charming Man Author's Blog Site For those of you looking for something a little more sensual, Charming Man offers a written insight into the realms of erotica.

Exploring the thought provoking world of illicit relationships, encounters between strangers, sexual fantasies and voyeurism, Charming Man attempts to reach the inner desire for erotic excitement that he believes lies within us all.
Carl East Author's Web Site I was born In Hull, Yorkshire, England in 1956. I started to write at the age of 44 in the year 2000 and I wasn’t very good. I slowly learned over the years that followed, mainly from people online who gave up their time to help me.

I chose to write imaginative things and sometimes allowed my own imagination to get away from me. I started with erotic tales before going onto more serious stuff, although having said that my erotic stories have been popular.
Lady Blade Author's Blog Site Lady Blade does an excellent job creating strong and controlling woman characters. She writes a perfectly crafted BDSM story that will leave the reader hooked until the very end.
E M Bryant Author's Blog Site E.M. Bryant is a freelance writer who hails from Southeast Missouri. She has a background in literature, and a passion for Medieval and American Folklore.  An interest in the paranormal sparked Bryant to begin writing a trilogy involving all of these elements.
Ellen Dominick Author's Blog Site Ellen Dominick, Author of Erotic Stories and Novels.  Ellen writes erotica with string women, BDSM, and a healthy dash of Kink.
James Schreck Author's Blog Site A new writer of erotica, poems and stories to arouse you.
Felicity Brandon Author's Site Writer of toe-curlin', salacious short stories! Creator of the kinky written word... Spanking, submission and menage!
Simply Erotic Books Website This website is dedicated to erotic books. The stories contained herein comprise characters all of whom are over the legal age of consent wherever they live and all acts depicted are consensual.

Find Multiple Authors Here!
Proverted Publishing Website Bea Provert & Jay Provert

Our novels are not for the shy and awkward people out there. The novels you will read about here and be able to purchase from here, have a “High Heat” level rating. They do not shy away from using very explicit wording in these novels.
Wilde Romance Website Jayn Wilde is the pen name of a woman who is embracing her creative side. An avid reader of all genres of fiction, Ms. Wilde has found that she enjoys creating her own stories to share with others.

Every story has an element of real-life, while mixing in a dose of fiction and/or fantasy. Many fear to embrace their "wild(e)" side, but the beauty of writing is that people like Ms. Wilde can explore the deepest part of their imagination and aspire to bring pleasure to others, while still maintaining their every day reality.

Ms. Wilde hopes that her books help others to dig deep and bring out their own 'wild side' and that her readers enjoy the ride.
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