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Have You Heard My Book Review

Review Site
Mom to 3 wonderful children. I love to laugh and smile. Reading is my number one hobby. I'm one who likes to help others and am very honest.
I am open to reviewing most any book. So far I've agreed to review every book I've been asked to. I only ask that you realize I give honest reviews. I won't sugar coat things for anyone. I will continue to support you and help promote you in any way I can.
Behind the Circulation Desk Review Site

Reviews, blogs, links of other authors. This site as a lot of interesting elements. Be sure and check them out. 

Erotic Smut Reviews Review Site I have reviewed books for authors and love that I can do my bit. I post my reviews on Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon and on my blogsite. I blog about the books I've read and tweet about them too. I work full time however my hours are quite short, so I have a lot of time to read and write. My contact details are as follows:
Twitter: @EroticSReviews



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