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Thoughts by I. M. Telling

5/18/2012 I have wanted to be a writer most of my life. I have often referred to myself as a frustrated writer simply because the urge to create works in this medium always seemed so out of reach. I have published technical articles in magazines but up until recently, never a book although I have begun several over my life.
  Recently, I finally published a story that although its subject matter is likely to be a turn off for some, it will turn on others. Hopefully, readers who are not attracted to subjects I choose to explore, will at least find them worth the read simply because it takes them somewhere decidedly different. I prefer to evolve the characters within my stories, making their journey from where they start to where they reach by the last page as the reason for the story. I hope that my readers will be able to continue with the story without my assistance.
  I am convinced that the mind is the most powerful sex organ in the body. I hope my stories generate stirrings within the reader, by being somewhat specific with the x-rated portions. Yet I mostly want my readers to make a journey of their own as they follow the changes happening inside the minds of my characters, who I consider to be my friends. I never judge nor fault my characters as it is their journey and not mine.
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